About Be Gaming Station

Be Gaming Station is a comprehensive platform that provides various entertainment contents such as blockchain games. Blockchain games, which feature "making weapons and items that have been acquired for a long time available for trading," are slowly becoming known to the public, but there are no big hits yet. Why is that? Because they do not put much effort into marketing. However, We put the greatest effort into marketing. We will invite Hanzawa Ryunosuke Ryu, who have dealt with many famous hits, as producers to reach out to many users and provide entertainment products such as games and video content to the world.

Market Trends

Over the past decades, the world has made remarkable progress. The Internet and smartphones have become indispensable necessities. Now, the Internet and smartphones have gone beyond being communication tools to become entertainment tools such as watching videos, playing games, and social networking services. Entertainment is now a concept that has a profound impact on everyday life, equal to a necessity. As technology advances and Internet penetration increases, the entertainment industry’s growth potential will increase. In fact, the game industry has been seeing incredible growth for 10 years in a row, and as you can see from the graph, the global market has increased by about 20 percent year-on-year to 15.6898 trillion YEN this year. The game industry is expected to show infinite growth in the future.

Be Gaming Coin

Token name Be Gaming Coin
Symbol BGC
Decimal 18
Total issued volume 3,000,000,000
Issuing corporation Reedll


- Token liquidity -

All game-related items can be purchased with BGC Token in Be Gaming Station Platform. Because any item can be purchased with BGC Token, the market capitalization of BGC Token increases proportionally as Be Gaming Station Platform is activated. In addition, the market is also cheaper if you buy items with BGC tokens, which naturally leads to the promotion of BGC token transactions between users. The BGC project is based on the slogan "Enjoy and enrich" and all the rewards and prizes from each content are paid in BGC tokens.




Be Gaming Station 1th Phase recruitment start


Be Gaming Station 2th Phase recruitment start


BGC listing
(market cap top 100 exchanges)


Target users 1 Million


Game revenue distribution to begin


Target users 3 Million


Market cap top 60 rank
target rate : 10 cents / Monthly total trade volume : $10 Million


Market cap top 20 rank


BGS Game(Gaming platform) launch
30 Games Release all at once
(more games of 3-10 titles will be added every month thereafter)


Be Gaming Station Promotion
add SNS function in the platform


Scheduled to launch part
of Virtual City Macau and Tokyo


Planning to launch a blockchain game
Virtual City Tokyo (wide-area)
Osaka, Sapporo, New York to be launched
entertainment platform launch
Financial service launch


Virtual major international cities launch
Be Gaming Station Contents 100 title
third-party contents 100 title

Team Member

  • Ryunosuke Hanzawa

    Total Producer

    CEO of Click Holdings Corporation Graduation from Wuhan University in China Master's degree in Information Engineering, 2002 Marketing Director, SE, EC Site for Engineers, Microsoft, NTT Data Group GREE, general director/content director/new business director of China, and head of Nexon Mobile's Asian operations. Founded NDPmedia in 2014 and Click Tech in 2016. In just two years, he made it to the top 10 in Nexon marketing in Japan and achieved annual sales of 4 billion YEN. He was also heavily involved in the founding of CLICK Holdings in June 2018, the Internet, international business, AI, 5G and ground platforms. Master of gaming, casino, marketing and entertainment industries. He participated in the establishment of Be Gaming Station in 2020 and became a total producer. In recognition of his achievements in 2018, he received the Best Personal Award for Friendship and Culture Exchange between China and Japan from the Japanese Embassy in China.

  • Daisuke Ito


    Graduated from the Department of Commerce at Kansai Academy While in college, he belongs to the American Football Club and has won three Japanese university titles. After independence at the age of 24, the top sales were recorded in most of the participating businesses. Discovering game and entertainment market potential and participating as CEO of Be Gaming Station.

  • Ban Yi


    Ben is an international lawyer who graduated from Dekin University in Australia with a bachelor's degree in law. In 2004, he hosted an internship program at the Victoria Family Court and worked as a legal consultant at the world's largest department store company, macy's. In 2010, he worked as the legal director of PSM Wind Power Group in Korea (the top five KOSPI-listed companies, and the total share price is $2 million). 2018 At Quantum Investment, Ben is in charge of investment review and legal advice on blockchain projects, and He have been in charge of ICO, securities review, and legal regulation for more than 100 projects. Ben has a high understanding of blockchain and is an international law expert who oversees the stable management of funds and legal affairs of bgc.



    In 2000, developed and delivered a billing system for games provided to doCoMo imode. Created a company that provides game development consulting and management services to giant game companies such as CAPCOM and SEGA, and became an important player in the Japanese game industry. Participated in the BGC project as CTO to take advantage of the synergistic effect of blockchain and games.

  • Russell Harden


    After seven years at the media company, I was interested in the blockchain crypto assets and was in charge of promoting the blockchain system development company. By actively participating in and hosting lectures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, he established his own community. He has received a business cooperation offer from Mr. Novo, who he has been acquainted with before, and participated in this project. Responsible for Foreign Strategic Projects.

  • Brad Ream


    Starting trading of crypto assets in 2016 with about 10 years of experience in foreign exchange and stock investment while working in finance-related enterprises from 2012. Start paying attention to ICOs as well as simple transactions, accumulating knowledge of the blockchain, crypto assets. Deeply empathized and participated in the vision of the Be Gaming Station project, an innovative blockchain technology entertainment project.



  • Click Holdings Corporation

    Numerous marketing, planning and development achievements in the entertainment field.

  • Regina Entertainment Corporation

    Online games, App planning, Develoment, Operation, Marketings Planning and develoment of Of other IT projects


    The bank of Komoro Association. The most efficient finance solution for customers.

  • NoReso Limited

    Based in the Philippines and mainly in video and design business. It also has a lot of outstanding results with entertainment companies.

  • ARMS Central

    Marketing company specialized in product promotion.

  • LOCKL International

    A company that has established web systems and blockchain systems. It has a history of doing business with various clients around Asia.

  • Gunpow Limited

    A company that creates entertainment contents, such as animation character design, and develop, operate social apps.